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Implementing The Highest Earning Potential From Your Wordpress Blog

Every blogger, after a successful start would like to earn from their blog popularity by advertisements. And for wordpress, it become much more easy to increase your click through rate (CTR)

Developers have created great plug in like Adsense deluxe, Chitika Plug in or Adman which are one the mostly used plug ins for optimizing ads in your weblog.

If you have some experience is blogging then you must know that, you traffic can produce being amount of money if your ads are completely embedded in your theme such that they look like a part of it. It is the most important tip for your increased CTR and wordpress in all aspects provides you a very advanced interface for doing such ads implementation.

You can use Adsense ready themes, which are already expecting Adsense or any other service provider’s ads in their theme. You just need to enter your publisher Id’s and your are ready with a ads implemented theme. You don’t even have to search for codes and colors in Adsense dashboard. This the magic of wordpress which is not available in any other platforms.

Following are some good Adsense optimized plugins and themes, which are best in the business:

Adsense Optimized Themes:

Prosense : It was the first theme resealed ever which was Adsense optimized, now it is modified in so many aspects from earnings to SEO, which makes it still the number one. You can find it easily on Google.

SEO Gray: This the theme provided by Daily SEO Blog from India which is not only a best SEO optimized theme but also an Adsense  ad widget ready theme. It is available for free on Daily SEO Blog.

Other : There are hundreds of web templates designed for Adsense in the blogosphere , and they are good enough to work your ads, You can search it easily on Google.

Adsense Ready Plugins :

Adman :  This is the plug in which allows you to insert ads at the beginning, bottom and middle of your posts. This is the most used plug in for Adsense.

Adsense Deluxe: This is the plug in which creates customized places for  your ads. It is also a good option for your blog.

You can find almost every plug in on WordPress


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