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Sales Copy and Content – Understanding the Basics of Effective Internet Marketing

Apart from a great design and a handful of widgets, what would you consider most important for your blog or say, site? I think most of us would agree with the content part. Undoubtedly, it all comes to your content. Content does everything for your site. Be it conveying information or marketing your products or services, you cannot just let it go. You have to build each and everything around your content. And this is so very important for the online businesses who have everything to depend upon their sales copy. A great content and a copy, both are needed to boost your online marketing efforts.

Again there are some who find it really difficult to differentiate between both – Sales Copy and Content. Both may look same but however there are some fundamental differences underlying their objectives and how they ‘influence’ readers. Talking about those differences, let us know more about it. These differences will certainly help you understanding these two vital forms of marketing and let you in a much better position to correctly chose either any of them if at anytime later.

So, what are the basic differences between both – A Sales Copy and A Content ? Let’s see it below…

Sales Copy

  • More aggressive form of communication
  • Focused on persuading or influencing readers to make a decision over specific product being offered or sold.
  • Is mostly biased with details being shared about any product or service.
  • The biggest motive behind any sales copy is get an immediate response mostly in the form of purchase or order enquiry. A sales copy needs to be compelling enough to trigger such action.
  • A sales copy is not meant for the betterment of mankind. In fact, it is actually meant to benefit the promoter with another sale.
  • A sales copy is based on a hype. For any sales copy to be successful, it has to be created around a hype as it makes reader recognize the product’s benefits and features in advance.
  • As against sales copy, content is more passive form of communication.
  • Mostly developed with a motive to attract people on the subject being written.
  • Is mainly concerned with increasing the knowledge base of your readers or simply entertain. At times, it can be thought provoking too.
  • Is generally purposeful for readers to serve them in a way that appeals to them.
  • Content is developed with a motive to gain trust in the long run by continually supplying free and useful information. Thus it eventually makes author gain more credibility and become more trusted source in the eyes of those who view the content.
  • It has to be developed with maximum accuracy. Only then we can term it as a “Quality Content” This finally leads in overall better promotion of products and services.
So, here we go again. We can see how both sales copy and content compliment each other. The basic difference only lies in the fact that you need a high quality content to attract readers and then you need to follow it up with a sales copy to help influence them into making a purchase. Both serve different functions but in the end, both of them are focused on effective marketing on the Internet. One needs to have a fuller understanding of these two vital components before getting ahead with the marketing campaigns over web.

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