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The Best Time To Make Money Online

Those who has been making some money online through affiliate marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising for sometime and have been keeping tabs on their earnings will realize that the year-end peak period has started. If there is no major shift from the norm, sales and advertising earnings will pick up or has already started picking up from October. This rise will reach it’s peak at Christmas and last till the New Year when after, it will start to decline again.

November and December has been the best months for Internet Marketers due to the looming holiday season when the buying mood sets in. Whether it will be the same for this year remains to be seen but I feel we should be optimistic despite the worldwide economy decline.

Higher Paying Adsense Clicks

As the festive period draws near and the year comes to an end, most companies or individuals will start to splash out on their Advertising budgets hoping to make a last minute kill before the markets goes into hibernation. Inevitably there will be increased competition for those who advertise via Pay Per Click Advertising resulting in higher bids for their keywords. The end result will be higher paying clicks for those running Adsense in their blogs.

Blogs and sites that caters for the home decoration and renovation, gifts and souvenirs, cooking and all those niches that deals with things done during festive seasons will benefit the most.

Maintaining A Seasonal Site

There are some sites which some MMO bloggers maintains that are seasonal. These kind of sites makes money only during the festive periods like Halloween or Christmas. Some successful ones claims to make a few thousand dollars per year just from the sales gotten from the 3 or 4 active months. The rest of the year, they will get hardly any visitors. Some says it is a waste of time, but hey, for a few thousand dollars per year, I will think it is well worth.

For these bloggers, works starts a few months before the coming festivities. They research the year’s trends and what people are going to for. If they can predict what people will be buying most this Christmas, they will have a good headway to get their keywords up the SERPs before any others when the mad rush starts.

Is Now The Best Time To Make Money Online

Yes, if you already have an established blog. If you are thinking of starting one now and hope to make some for this Christmas, I am afraid it is too late. It takes a few months for new blogs to even appear Search results and by that time, everything will be over. Maybe you can start one now and hope for next Christmas.

For those with a well established blog with a decent amount of organic traffic, now is the time to stick in some affiliate banners or Adsense Ads. It is a good time to make some money online.


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