Money Isn’t Everything

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It’s been quite a long time since I’ve updated content on this website, the fact of the matter is that making money online isn’t always one’s top priority in life. I have recently spent more time focusing on the more important aspects of life, having fun, trying new things and generally trying to focus on self improvement.

Some time it helps to take a step back from your online activities and have some new experiences to allow your mind the space to generate the next great idea. Making money online is a full time job for many however it happens to be a part time job for most. I won’t argue with people that say its impossible to make a full time income online however I would insist that they try a bit harder and at bare minimum give it another shot before throwing in the towel.

Your Blog Is Money has really taken off in the past year, it frequently places on the first page for “How to Make Money,” a search term with more than 700 million competing pages. In addition it also ranks for several other search terms which I won’t provide because competitors are quick to take advantage of such information. If you want to go head to head for the term “How to Make Money” feel free to give it your best shot, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did it however I know personally what it takes to rank for a term like that so don’t feel bad if it takes you a few months… or a few years…

This website is a great tutorial source for people beginning on their road to being an internet marketer specifically for those who want to be successful with blog advertising and income generation from advertisers like Google Adsense. I would urge those not to copy the niche but rather venture out into an area that they are really interested in, make it a hobby and less of a business and it will really take off, especially if you focus on helping people, these are the same people that WILL help you.

I appreciate all the visitors that have found my website and spent the time reading my articles. I honestly hope that my content has helped you to be more successful and apologize for all the rants and raves you may have had to sift through to get to the “Good Stuff!!”

I have discontinued most of my link building efforts for this website due to the fact that there are many other niches that have a much better rate of return for link generation time and energy invested. I have sites that have taken off way bigger than this with only 1/10 of the effort that this site has taken. You can make it big in MMO but you will need to really look at the niche and find something that is MISSING. The bottom line is people are continuously spewing the same information over and over in hopes of you buying their worthless E-Marketing book, product or service.

Check out Grizzly, he’ll tell you the same thing and will probably fill in most of the gaps that this site fails to address. Honestly, without him, I still wouldn’t have a clue about what is really going on in the world of SEO, and have to give credit where credit is due. I doubt he has read my content but the bottom line is that all it takes is a spark to start a fire, this website is proof of that.

I have been preparing some content about Google Webmaster tools that should be useful and will try to have it up as soon as possible. Once again money isn’t everything, take a break, look at what your doing, what is working, what isn’t. Do more of the good, less of the bad, rinse and repeat and focus on helping, the money will be there when you need it.


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40 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

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  • Infolinks – Infolinks is probably the highest paying option for your in-text advertising. On DLM, you will see underlined links scattered throughout articles. Those are a function of Infolinks and without disclosing too much, it’s been a great source of income. Best is that they accept all sizes of websites and blogs. Just sign up and begin.

  • Build a Niche Store – This is a simple store development platform which enables you to create content based sites that generate income through the eBay affiliate programs. Pretty darn simple and increasingly popular.
  • Adbrite – Sell space on your site for text ads. This would work like the DLM Marketplace you see on the right of my pages although I chose to manage it myself.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program – Easily create a store or shopping section on your site instead of sending your visitors to Amazon. Amazon handles the shopping cart and fulfillment.
  • Amazon Seller – Sell your stuff on Amazon
  • Associated Content – If you write a story, how-to, rant, how-to cut grass, etc., you can submit it to them and they will pay you $3-$20 per article if they like it.
  • Yahoo! Merchant Solutions – This is a pretty simple and cheap way to create an online store.
  • Azoogleads – Another ad program. They do have some decent companies lined up as advertisers. You provide space, they’ll provide an ad.
  • BidVertiser – PPC (pay per click) program with a low $10 payout amount.
  • Blog – Start a blog and consistently write excellent content. With good ad placement, you may make some money. I detail my process here: Simply Said, How to Blog.
  • Cafepress – You provide a design, they’ll toss it on a T-Shirt, Hat, etc. No upfront costs. Get a free online shop and promote your products on your website.
  • Chitika – Their eMiniMalls service has shown great results for many Bloggers and site owners. You choose a keyword and they show relevant products on your site using a pretty unique interface.
  • Clickbank – Quickly becoming my favorite affiliate program. They have thousands of things for you to advertise on your site.
  • ClicknWork – Get paid $5-$150 per hour for basically doing freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You have to pass a pretty tough test to get in.
  • Clicksor – These are the guys that generate contextual ads on sites that show up when you hover over a double-underlined word.
  • Commission Junction – If you have a site, you can join Commission Junction. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. There are easily over 1,000 companies to choose from here.
  • CreamAid – For blogs only, advertisers provide you with a topic and you write about it on your site. To do this, you have to install a flash widget into your blog post. The more people you bring into the conversation through the widget, the more you get paid. It’s difficult to explain.
  • eefoof – Think of it as YouTube + Flickr + Music. You add original content and they pay you based on the visitors you attract.
  • Ether – If you are an expert on something, Ether provides a way for people to pay you to talk about it in a one-on-one setting. If you want to charge $250/hr, that’s fine. You have to do all the advertising so you should have a blog or site already established.
  • eBay– Come on, you know what this is. Gather your junk and sell it!

  • eBay Stores – If you have a real store and want to sell your stuff online, this is a decent option to get you started.
  • ELance – Name gives it away. Programmers, Codes, Web Designers, Writers, Editors, can look for freelance opportunities.
  • Feedvertising – This is an arm of Text Link Ads and is currently only good for WordPress users. This does me no good currently, but as you can guess, they place ads in your feed(s).
  • Feedburner / Google – Not only are they the best place to house your feeds, they will also add ads to your feed and website. You get paid per impression and if you implement Google Adsense to your feed, you are paid per click.
  • Google Adsense – Come on, you don’t need an explanation; these ads are all over the place. Google displays relevant ads based on your site’s content
  • Google Adwords – Create simple text ads and choose keywords that determine when they are displayed. This is where the Adsense Content comes from. You do not need a site for this.
  • – Get paid to fill jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000. It all depends on how tough the job is to fill and how desperate the hiring company is. This is another one that’s tough to explain.
  • – Add their job board to your site. They then post jobs based on the geographic location of visitors and the position types you pre-select. I tried it and I they continually report that I sent 0 visitors and I know that’s not right. Nevertheless, I may have an isolated problem so they make the list.
  • InnerSell – If you have a customer that wants to buy something you cannot sell, you can sell the lead here.
  • Jigsaw – It’s a pretty flaky model but if you have a Rolodex full of good contacts, you can sell them here. I can’t make sense of it but it looks like you get $0.10 per profile.
  • – If you have a site, you can join Linkshare. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. Like Commission Junction, there are a ton of companies waiting to evaluate your site.
  • Microsoft Adcenter – Bid on keywords and Microsoft places your created ads then they are searched for. This is similar to Google Adwords. You do not need a site for this.
  • – Sell your stuff on
  • Pay Per Post – I don’t agree with this model entirely but they have advertisers that will pay you to write about their products on your blog.
  • Pheedo – If you have an RSS feed, run it through Pheedo. Like Feedburner, they can include ads into your feed and if you really become large, advertisers will pay a premium for you to show their ads.
  • – I’ve used them for a couple years for some banner advertising. They are similar to Commission Junction and Linkshare however they seem to have lower tiered companies with advertising offers.
  • Shoemoney – This is a blog that can teach you a ton on making money online. I’ve spent hours reading his old stuff.
  • Software Judge – They will pay you up to $50 to review software.
  • Text Link Ads – I have never made a dime here but I know people that have. You can earn by sending advertisers to them or by selling spots on your site. You must have a real site or blog to do this – nothing on a shared domain (i.e. /blogspot).
  • Vibrant Media – Don’t bother unless your site has 500,000 page views of text based content a month. If you have that readership, these are the guys that display bubble box ads to underlined words on your site.
  • West Work At Home Agent – Not entirely online but this is worth a mention because it’s won awards and is very legitimate. If you are an at-home Mom or free-lancer without work, you should check this out.

For more on making money online visit

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Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes for Writers

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The guys over at WordPress Hacks recently updated their ever popular best free WordPress themes article for 2010 and that got me thinking again about all of the themes I’ve looked through. In the ongoing quest to find the best WordPress themes for writers I’ve looked at TONS of WordPress themes, and I do mean TONS. I’ve looked at free WordPress themes, I’ve looked at premium WordPress themes, I’ve looked at theme frameworks, I’ve looked at WordPress Photoshop template files, I’ve looked at empty themes, basic themes, and yes, even themes that claim to be great WordPress themes for writers. The good news is that means that I have a lot of experience with what is out there for good WordPress themes to use for professional writers. The bad news is that the reason I have looked through so many different WordPress themes is because I still haven’t found the perfect theme, yet.

I could do like everyone else does and just compile a bunch of links to good WordPress themes. I could even give it a really great SEO optimized title like 25 Best WordPress Themes for Writers. But, in an effort to perhaps speed along the development of quality WordPress themes for writers to use, I decided to compile a list of the best features a WordPress theme can have to make it useful for writers, and frankly, everyone else too.

Search Engine Optimized – SEO Ready WordPress Themes Required

Let’s get real here for a minute. Professional writers are professional writers because they get paid for what they do. Writing professionally isn’t easy, and quality writing and quality website content are valuable commodities. Running a freelance writing business website is a lot more profitable if people actually see it. As Han Solo once said, “I ain’t in this for your revolution, Highness. I expect to be well paid.”

While there are numerous reasons a pro writer might create and publish a website, every one of those reasons succeeds or fails on a single criteria, getting enough traffic driven to the website in order to see all those webpages filled with high-quality professional writing. Leaving aside the debate about whether or not content is king when it comes to search engine rankings, one thing is clear, unless you have the means to manually drive readers to your website, you’ll need to grab search engine traffic to establish a readership. And, the way to a searcher’s heart, is through the first page of Google search results.

Check out the latest on credit card rewards programs at Finance Gourmet…

A few years ago, an Internet expert and SEO guru named Court published a list of top SEO problems in WordPress themes. He was right on the money, and it was a hit. At first, only the best WordPress themes were properly search engine optimized.  It took a while, but soon the entire WordPress developer community was cranking out SEO-optimized WordPress themes. Today, only the lowest quality WordPress themes make the basic SEO errors that Court outlined in his post.

The problem is that developers have stopped there. The last was called the most basic SEO errors committed in WordPress themes for a reason; they were the BASIC SEO ERRORS. They were not the ONLY SEO errors made in WordPress themes. So, while most quality themes now exploit Google’s overdependence on being told what is “important” on a webpage via header tags — that’s the H1, H2, H3 tags in your theme’s code — by making a post’s title the H1 element instead of the blog’s name. However, many themes still do not handle H2, H3, and H4 properly. Just making everything else H2 is NOT good SEO practice.

Some of the SEO issue in WordPress has been solved by the platform’s extensibility in the form of plug-ins. The most common SEO plugins for WordPress are All-In-One SEO plugin (outstanding SEO in it’s name, BTW), and Headspace2 (not so good on the SEO, but more “brandable”). These plug-ins allow webmasters and authors to easily set certain SEO parameters automatically, or make it easier to set them manually. These SEO WordPress plugins will ensure that your title tag is the same as you post title unless you set it otherwise, for example.

So, what else does a high-quality WordPress theme for writers need?

That’s coming up next…

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The Best Time To Make Money Online

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Those who has been making some money online through affiliate marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising for sometime and have been keeping tabs on their earnings will realize that the year-end peak period has started. If there is no major shift from the norm, sales and advertising earnings will pick up or has already started picking up from October. This rise will reach it’s peak at Christmas and last till the New Year when after, it will start to decline again.

November and December has been the best months for Internet Marketers due to the looming holiday season when the buying mood sets in. Whether it will be the same for this year remains to be seen but I feel we should be optimistic despite the worldwide economy decline.

Higher Paying Adsense Clicks

As the festive period draws near and the year comes to an end, most companies or individuals will start to splash out on their Advertising budgets hoping to make a last minute kill before the markets goes into hibernation. Inevitably there will be increased competition for those who advertise via Pay Per Click Advertising resulting in higher bids for their keywords. The end result will be higher paying clicks for those running Adsense in their blogs.

Blogs and sites that caters for the home decoration and renovation, gifts and souvenirs, cooking and all those niches that deals with things done during festive seasons will benefit the most.

Maintaining A Seasonal Site

There are some sites which some MMO bloggers maintains that are seasonal. These kind of sites makes money only during the festive periods like Halloween or Christmas. Some successful ones claims to make a few thousand dollars per year just from the sales gotten from the 3 or 4 active months. The rest of the year, they will get hardly any visitors. Some says it is a waste of time, but hey, for a few thousand dollars per year, I will think it is well worth.

For these bloggers, works starts a few months before the coming festivities. They research the year’s trends and what people are going to for. If they can predict what people will be buying most this Christmas, they will have a good headway to get their keywords up the SERPs before any others when the mad rush starts.

Is Now The Best Time To Make Money Online

Yes, if you already have an established blog. If you are thinking of starting one now and hope to make some for this Christmas, I am afraid it is too late. It takes a few months for new blogs to even appear Search results and by that time, everything will be over. Maybe you can start one now and hope for next Christmas.

For those with a well established blog with a decent amount of organic traffic, now is the time to stick in some affiliate banners or Adsense Ads. It is a good time to make some money online.


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Implementing The Highest Earning Potential From Your WordPress Blog

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Every blogger, after a successful start would like to earn from their blog popularity by advertisements. And for wordpress, it become much more easy to increase your click through rate (CTR)

Developers have created great plug in like Adsense deluxe, Chitika Plug in or Adman which are one the mostly used plug ins for optimizing ads in your weblog.

If you have some experience is blogging then you must know that, you traffic can produce being amount of money if your ads are completely embedded in your theme such that they look like a part of it. It is the most important tip for your increased CTR and wordpress in all aspects provides you a very advanced interface for doing such ads implementation.

You can use Adsense ready themes, which are already expecting Adsense or any other service provider’s ads in their theme. You just need to enter your publisher Id’s and your are ready with a ads implemented theme. You don’t even have to search for codes and colors in Adsense dashboard. This the magic of wordpress which is not available in any other platforms.

Following are some good Adsense optimized plugins and themes, which are best in the business:

Adsense Optimized Themes:

Prosense : It was the first theme resealed ever which was Adsense optimized, now it is modified in so many aspects from earnings to SEO, which makes it still the number one. You can find it easily on Google.

SEO Gray: This the theme provided by Daily SEO Blog from India which is not only a best SEO optimized theme but also an Adsense  ad widget ready theme. It is available for free on Daily SEO Blog.

Other : There are hundreds of web templates designed for Adsense in the blogosphere , and they are good enough to work your ads, You can search it easily on Google.

Adsense Ready Plugins :

Adman :  This is the plug in which allows you to insert ads at the beginning, bottom and middle of your posts. This is the most used plug in for Adsense.

Adsense Deluxe: This is the plug in which creates customized places for  your ads. It is also a good option for your blog.

You can find almost every plug in on WordPress


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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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