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How To Make Money Blogging

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1) Google AdSense


Google AdSense is by far the best, most rewarding monetization resource for blogs, news sites and small, content-rich information sites.

Google AdSense, lets independent publishers, bloggers and news site owners to publish text-based, context-relevant ads next to the content on their sites. This is done automatically without you, the publisher, having to worry about anything else except putting small-sized code inside each of your web pages.


For every click on Google AdSense contextual ads, the publishing sites receives credit for a small amount of money, while Google keeps an undisclosed amount of the total advertising share.

Though many lament lack of relevance for the ads and little return for the increased info clutter on their pages – many silent publishers – probably the ones who consciously make less noise about this, are indeed making money on the web with this program.

What few understand, is that to make money with AdSense involves strategic work. Just placing the code on your pages isn’t enough.

The focus of your site, the way the content is organized, the way web pages are coded, the titles you use and the color and position you select for placing your AdSense ads on your web pages all make a difference to the results you get. Significant.

What is important is that different rules apply to different types of pages and content. So no set of rules equally apply to all sites.

The key is for the publisher to keep questioning the integration of contextual, text-based ads by doing systematic, ongoing testing, experimentation and optimization.

For a focused blogger, this can mean from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. For a dedicated publisher covering high-paying information areas, it is possible to get into the five-digit range without any major investments and with a relatively short time-to-market.

I am not talking about a blogger in the traditional sense, but rather to focused and very professional independent information resources like Search Engine Watch or paidContent, for example.

Google AdSense offers also the opportunity to monetize site searches while providing a powerful, lightning-fast search engine for your own site at no extra cost.

By providing search-relevant ads on your site’s search results pages, Google AdSense adds another great opportunity to monetize premium service and access with relevant text-based information about products and services.

Too bad Google AdSense doesn’t let you select your contextual advertisers from its inventory.

Here some great examples of AdSense at work.

Other contextual advertising services:


2) BlogAds


BlogAds is an effective solution to make money online with your blog that allows you to take control of your advertisers and comparing your profit share with your online ad agency.

As the name clearly implies, BlogAds is an advertising service for blogs that offers a great opportunity for small, independent publishers, blogs and news sites to sell their ad space in a direct and useful way.

BlogAds keeps 30 percent of your net revenue and sends you the rest by PayPal or check as soon as you reach a predetermined amount.

For your advertisers BlogAds provides a great bonus in terms of speed and simplicity:

Ordering an ad takes just two or three minutes. Submit your image and / or text ad. Define its duration. Pay with PayPal’s secure forms. You are done. After the blogger approves the ad, return to tweak and optimize clickthroughs, renew or order on new blogs.

With BlogAds, the publisher has total control over which ads to accept and which ones to reject.

Other self-serve ad platforms:


  • Crispads is an advertising network focused on blogs. Crispads allows publishers to place ads in blog entries so that they’re included in their RSS / ATOM feeds to generate revenues for syndicated content.


  • grokAds – an advertising clearinghouse for both buyers and sellers which works with any type of site. The service offers quick and easy advertising to a specific market.


  • AdBrite – AdBrite also lets you select which kinds of ads you want to sell to your website visitors as well as setting the prices you want to charge.

3) Amazon Associates


The Amazon Associates program lets independent online publishers make money online by advertising product inside Amazon’s inventory as affiliate agents.

All it takes is adding a small, identifying code to the links that take your website visitors to a specific Amazon product page (books, DVDs, electronics, etc.).

If the visitors who clicked on your link buy an item – even if it’s not the item you point to – you earn a small commission.


Though the amount of return with the Amazon Associates program is small, nonetheless it is another way to make money with your blog without adding clutter or not-relevant disruptive information to your valuable content.

References to relevant books add to the user experience as it helps those who want to search for more information on a topic to see immediate and hand-picked recommendations.

As a matter of fact, it is possible to earn as much as 10 percent per sale as an Amazon Associate.

4) Text Links


Text links are controversial for some purists, but for those seeking a way to make money online without adding clutter and intrusive ads to their content it is an interesting opportunity to explore further.

Text links are an advertising market that brokers small, text-only links, which often don’t need prominent placement (the payback is not on the clicks) on your site pages.

What the advertisers want is a link presence on your site to gain extra “authority” (like the Google PageRank indicator) in an artificial way. This is why you may have noticed many of these text links being placed at the bottom of content pages or in other non-premium positions.

The goal of text links is to increase a site’s value in search engines. The good thing is that the independent publisher has more and more options from which to select. Also, the publisher can approve and accept text links that are complementary and relevant to the site’s content.


Though many text links point to second-rate services and products (online casinos, poker, Viagra, etc.) – this marketplace is becoming more visible, therefore more advertisers of mainstream products and tools are popping up in numbers. Since you are the one accepting such advertising contracts, the selection of what you display is up to you.

To play this game, it is helpful to have a Google PageRank of 4 or more. (Here is an article where you can find out how to measure Google PageRank).

For those having a PageRank value of 6, 7 or more, there is great opportunity for serious monetization. As an indicator, five or six text ads can easily bring in a few hundred dollars every month on a PR 6 site / blog.

Here is a Google-generated list of companies brokering text link ads.

To find more on text links ads see also: “Will Plain-Text Ads Continue to Rule? (Source: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Other online text link agencies:


5) Premium Content Sponsorships


Selling sponsored space is another option for the independent publisher to make money online. While this was associated with prominent flashy banner ads, this is changing and expanding in many ways. In my view, the successful strategy is to use selected and relevant sponsors to introduce, give access or extend the value offered by premium content.

A relevant product or service can sponsor a news channel or RSS feed. Sponsors can also promote a rich section of additional related content to a standard article. Having a resourceful bibliography or annotated resources section in your next ebook or mini-guide is also fertile ground to effectively showcase relevant sponsors.

X-events, podcasting, live and recorded web conferences, online interviews are great unobtrusive and relevant sponsorship opportunities.

See also: New Online Advertising Strategies: No More Interruptive Ads

6) Related Reports


Another opportunity to make money blogging should see more in the near future is affiliate marketing of related research reports.

For sites that cover specific industry or niche topics, this is an opportunity to play an effective marketing role for research clearinghouses and large publishers of intelligence reports, analyst insider briefings, white papers and research findings.


These types of reports usually carry a higher price tag than normal ebooks and physical publications. The reason for the high price tag is because their content is focused on specific industries and topics and it has information that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The technology that makes this possible is available from 21Publish (the blog hosting provider) in partnership with Market Research.

7) Affiliate Sales


A good way to make money online with selected products and services is affiliate sales. This approach involves signing up to become an affiliate reseller of specific products.

As long as the affiliate products do not affect the publisher’s credibility and provide pointers to useful, high-value products that the publisher fully endorses, affiliate sales are a rewarding monetization channel.

The commissions received for these sales vary depending on the product and the original vendor sales and marketing strategy. LinkShare and Commission Junction are two of the largest affiliate program brokers. Check out their catalogs to get a good idea of what products and commissions are available.

If you write and publish your own ebooks and other premium content publications, you may want to consider using an affiliate sales program to give your products greater reach and exposure.

My preferred provider for this is Share*It!, which offers full payment and an ecommerce infrastructure to online publishers while integrating a customizable affiliate program. You can set the commission and the products that you want your affiliates to manage.

Share*It! automatically takes care of payments and accountability of the transactions; it sends updates and timely sales reports both to you and to your registered resellers. The system even automatically creates content pages that the reseller can link to from her own site.

8) Online Guides and eBooks


Self-published books, eBooks, mini-guides, tutorials and other types of premium content generate a respectable source of income for those with relevant and useful content to share.

Focused guides and reference publications in niche areas are a growing demand from qualified customers, especially when these products can be easily pre-evaluated in some form.

For bloggers, news sites and small independent publishers, ebooks and online guides should make a natural monetization channel to make money online.

Much of the content written for a site is easy to re-edit and re-purpose for commercial use. Reviewing editors, topic-specific bloggers can use their writing talent to put together the best content they have on a specific topic.

Selling eBooks requires good online marketing skills, lots of exposure, visibility and honest testimonials from satisfied buyers. A little army of affiliate resellers can go a long way in helping your ebook get extra exposure and visibility. Plus partnering / bundling your product with those who are already the best in your class helps get more copies out the door.

9) Bookstore Distribution and POD Publishing


You can also increase profitability and exposure of your eBooks by using a company like Lightning Source, which can distribute your digital content on Amazon bookshelves while allowing you to offer printed versions of your masterpieces using POD technology (print on-demand).

See also: Self-Publish Your Book: Guide To The Best Self-Publishing Services.

10) Merchandising


Selling your branded t-shirt or baseball cap makes sense to make money online when your publishing project has a strong brand, a powerful message or an issue that it stands behind.


Why would people shell out $20 or more to buy a branded t-shirt promoting a web site? If a bold tagline spells out a strong message or slogan about something of which many are passionate, readers want to support the cause by wearing them.

I think this works effectively when:

a) The personal brand is good enough to create a desire in readers to “stand” for it (few bloggers or news sites have this kind of charisma, but people like Joi Ito or Howard Rheingold most likely can command some of this), or

b) the author or blog / site stands for something clearly identifiable. It may be an overarching mission or a number of changing issues that make effective marketing themes for such products.

CafePress offers an extensive catalog of shorts, caps, calendars, mugs with over 80 customizable merchandise products waiting for your logo and tagline to be printed on them. CafePress provides the raw merchandise that you can customize by uploading your artwork and interactively adjusting it on through its online command center.

While CafePress charges a base cost for the material (e.g.: $13.99 base price for T-shirts), you can price your branded merchandise however you like and CafePress dutifully manages the transaction, payment, shipment and your monthly payments for your hard-earned commissions. In the process, CafePress also creates a full web-based shopping center that can be customized to match your web site’s design.

11) Collections, Anthologies, Compilations and Curated Content on CD-ROM


Thanks to CafePress and similar services, independent online publishers also have the opportunity to make money online by delivering vast amounts of content such as aggregated anthologies of articles, reports, audio and video files, or research collections on CD-ROM. All with complete infrastructure support for the mastering, duplication, labeling and shipping of these.


Again, the publisher pays a wholesale cost for the production of each CD-ROM ordered and the profit comes from the markup that the publisher decides on for each item sold.

CafePress clears payments from customers, prints the CD, packages it and ships it to your customer. It sets aside your profit margin and cuts a check for you at the end of the month.

The publisher base price is $4.99 per CD (excluding shipping). You can mark up the price as much as you want and CafePress collects payments and sends your profit margin to you.

More info: CafePress Data CD.

12) Paid Assignment


While many find this very controversial, more companies are using bloggers and independent sites to talk about, promote or cover specific products and issues.

The Marqui program, in which I participated, is a good example. But there are other ways to go about it.

A person can go to a company and become its official online blogger or take specific assignments for prominent sites and work for them, with or without credit, covering specific issues.

The important thing here is to be clear and upfront about it.

People are inflexible about paid assignments because they’re afraid that the people they trusted and read without question before may now write articles because they are paid for it.

From my point of view, I say the following:

a) Question your sources, no matter how good they are and how fanatical you are about them.

b) Take that ham away from your eyes: there is no objectivity, outside of the transparency of the reporter, blogger or news reporter. Everyone is influenced in one way or another.

You don’t need to take money from a customer to be influenced. What about all those journalists and bloggers who routinely receive free evaluations of gadgets and software that everyone else has to pay for? Doesn’t that influence them? Invitations to press dinners? Product launches? Come on.

What counts, and what I think readers value the most, is being upfront, transparent and credible.

Assuming you have been, like everyone else, “exposed” to cover certain issues rather than others – what matters is how “transparent” you are about revealing your driving motives, interests and goals while writing on that topic.

Can you be influenced while remaining true to your opinions? I believe you can.

Making money per se is not a disreputable act, neither is getting paid to write about a certain topic: isn’t this what newspapers command their editors to do?

What the critics of paid assignments have underestimated is the large demand out there for this. If the paid writers are transparent, accountable and professional with their assignment, then this is as legitimate as any other activity.

I guess you only need to decide if you are in it for the art or the part.

Marqui paid $800 to the bloggers who did the assignment. Each one was required to write four articles a month that at least mentions and links to Marqui.

13) Donations


If you support a cause that goes beyond the mere reporting of news in your areas of interest, why not consider making money by asking your readers for support?


People like to take a stand for the people whom they think can make a difference, so why not use this strategy to finance some of your effective communication campaigns? PayPal Donations, Amazon Honor System and BitPass all offer a simple way to add a snippet of code to your site to make it easy for people to donate.

Depending on the system adopted, you may opt to receive money in the currency you prefer.

Additional Opportunities To Make Money Online With Your Blog



Join a Publishing Network


If you are just starting up with your blog or small news site and need either more traffic, exposure or experience before you feel you can do any of the above on your own, then joining a group blog may work for you.

Here a list of popular group blogs:


Working in a group blog can ease the pressure of having to post on a daily basis, gives you greater exposure in less time and exposes you and your ideas to an existing community of interested readers and other writers.

In some cases, like at Weblogs Inc., Creative Weblogging, Squidoo and elsewhere, contributing bloggers are also paid a share of the advertising revenue their blog generates.

Blog At Your Best


Blog your best without worrying about making money on the web. Making money online comes as a consequence of your extra exposure and visibility.

Blogging creates extra income by allowing you to enter in close contact with relevant people in your areas of interest and by facilitating exchange and contact with prospective customers through your online presence.

Simply blogging with no strings attached increases your credibility and authority in the field and earns you extra income when you are called to give advice.

Having a blog to showcase your ability to review, explore or analyze issues and products is the best way to market yourself and to provide a living showcase of your talents and abilities.

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Educomp Solutions

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Educomp SolutionsBuy at cmp 1900 and on dips.Expect it to be a 10,000 cr mcap company in 3 years.
buy at 2100-2300 now..looks pricy but after RBI’s FII cap updation to will see lot of momentum.year end target 4500.6/24/10
Whats gonna happen with this on mondayFall or Rise???
7/31/10buy at 2400-2500 accumulaterally expected in next few weeks.
1900 to 3400touched high of 3700…buy at 3000-3200
Educomp to spend Rs 2,000 cr to `enable` 150-odd schools Ishita Russell / New Delhi November 17, 2010 New Delhi-based e-learning company Educomp Solutions has worked on a novel business model under which it will invest over Rs 2,000 crore to “enable” setting up around 150 schools over the next four years. Under this model, Educomp will earn its return on investment by providing intellectual property (IP) for the schools through its Educomp School Management programme and leasing infrastructure through its subsidiary Educomp Infrastructure. Due to regulatory constraints, both subsidiaries are under a trust run by Educomp that provides school affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Said Shantanu Prakash, managing director, Educomp: “We want to set up five to seven schools by June 2008. By June 2009, we should have over 25 schools.” The schools will not necessarily be run under the Educomp brand name, he said, adding: “The schools that we have currently set up are co-branded with the Padma Sheshadri Bal Bhawan.” Educomp already has two schools that are operational in Bangalore and Chennai, and plans to open the third unit next month. The average investment in each of the schools ranges between Rs 12 crore and Rs 14 crore, and the schools are expected to be set up in eight to nine months. Educomp Infrastructure will provide the land and building on lease. This leasing model is expected to fetch the company annuity returns between 19 and 21 per cent. The company also offers a model whereby a school which already has land can opt for the IP only. “The setting up of the schools will be enabled by Educomp, both in terms of capital needs as well as IP. We are targeting schools from mid-market India, which typically charge fees between Rs 3,000 and Rs 3,500. Since these are greenfield projects, we have already started buying land to facilitate this project,” said Prakash.
12/15/10The Educomp School Management owns the IP for Educomp’s Learning Leadership System. It will license this IP to schools. “India needs schools, and parents have the capacity to pay. The top brands have no scale. There is no proper IP and infrastructure. That’s where we step in to provide a tailor-made solution to schools,” he explained. He added that around 80 per cent of the funds for the project would be raised through debt, while 20 per cent would be funded through internal accruals. The company has around Rs 265 crore, of which Rs 210 crore has been raised through debt. “This capital should suffice till 2008, beyond which we will resort to the same means of raising capital,” Prakash said. The Educomp stock is priced at Rs 3,276 on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Incorporated in 1994, Educomp employs nearly 2,000 people. It has developed India’s largest K-12 (Kindergarten to Class 12) content library with over 12,000 modules of 3D content. Educomp currently has nearly 6,000 public-private partnership school projects, with several state governments.
4300 high in 1st week of dec.cmp 4100 marching towards yr-end tgt of 4500 rises in bursts of 15-18% in a day. no linear gains
Jan 34990 life high few days backcmp 4500buy at about 4200-4400 levels to see around 6000 in 2-3 months.

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Indiabulls Financial
Buy at cmp 530 Demeger of securities business is in offing.Also it aspires to be charles schwab of india.May foray into OIL field too. May be oil exploration.(There is no news or talks even far off related to oil foray in market circles as yet)Will continue to grow and will add lots of financial services in its portfolio.see it as a 20 billion $ ( 1 lakh crore mcap ) company by 2012.


cmp 940…. going business is takingoff.. will foray into setting up commodity exchange with mmtc.

new gaming & insurance business initiative.this is a type of company where u will continue to see such unimaginative bold new moves and the growth given by IB will far exceed all peers.after demerger of ICSL ruling at 500. good long term buy at curent levels even.

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Potential multibagger Smallcap BSE stocks

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IKF technologies

Jatropha plantation has been undertaken in two states. (Rajasthan & Meghalaya).In Shillong, Meghalaya plantation has been done on 500 Ha.IKF has planned to cover 15,000 Ha area in next two years.In Udaipur (Rajasthan) plantation has done on 200 ha.Seeds procured from Udaipur Mandi and nearby districts of Udaipur @ Rs.6 per kg.30 tons of Jatropha seeds are available.In Chhattisgarh, IKF is in touch with CBDA. They have applied to CBDA for the allotment of 5000 ha. land on lease.In Udaipur, IKF has established a transesterification plant of 3000 liters per day capacity.This plant has been procured from Grow diesel venture, New Delhi.It is a batch process plant.IKF has planed to set up a transesterification plant of 3000 liters per day capacity at Chhattisgarh and 300 TPD (would be procured from Lurgi) at Gujarat.IKF has signed an MOA with Indian Oil limited , R& D center, Faridabad on 1st, March 2006 for the transfer of technology .

cmp 8.2planning to cultivate 1.5 lac hectares of per hectare per harvest = 2000 litres.5% of 40 million ton diesel is in planning to be replaced by biofuel.= 5 lakh tonikf prodcution = 1.5 lac * 2k = 3 lakh tonrevenue expectation = 3 lac * 5 = 150 cr pe of 10 , resulting mcap = 1500 cr, present mcap = 250 crappreciation 600% in 2-3 years.


IKF Tech: Betting on expansion
IKF Technologies is seeing significant trading volumes of late on expectation of higher turnover on the back of its expansion plans currently being rolled out. The counter recorded a traded quantity of 1.61 lakh shares (2-week average 1.48 lakh shares) on the BSE as the Re-1 stock closed flat at Rs 3.51. The Kolkata-registered company, which would announce its Q2 results on October 31, is on an expansion mode in three of its business segments – telecom, ITES and bio-fuel.The company sources confirmed to Business Line that IKF was in the process of making a GDR issue (around 12 crore GDS to be listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange in November) to raise Rs 50 crore. It is also issuing 3 crore convertible warrants to three South African entities at an agreed conversion price of Rs 7 each. The non-promoters would pay 10 per cent total consideration upfront and conversion would take place by mid-2008.The company has floated a subsidiary in the US and another in the UK is also being incorporated shortly to boost sales of its calling cards. In the domestic market it is scheduled to sign an agreement with Tata Teleservices next month for becoming the designated outsourced call centre.

IKF Tech plans to grow jatropha in Africa
Approaches Swaziland, S. Africa, Mozambique for permissionGrand plansThe company plans to grow the plant in 50,000 acres of wastelands in these countries.Cost of buying land, nurturing plants and setting up plants expected to cost Rs 3,000 crore.Kolkata , Oct. 19IKF Technologies, the country’s first corporate jatropha refiner, has formally approached African Governments — Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa — for permission to cultivate the plant.Armed with detailed project reports, the company has also applied for an area of 50,000 acres of wasteland in each of these countries for organised jatropha farming.Mr Mukesh Kumar Goel, a director of the company, told Business Line that official responses, however, were awaited. According to the company’s estimates, the cost of acquiring the land (total 1.5 lakh acres), nursing the plants till the first fruition after 18 months, and setting up crushing facilities would be Rs 3,000 crore.In a phased mannerIf permissions were obtained, the purchases or acquisition of land through lease and taking up the plantation projects would be done in a phased manner over a long period of time. IKF has sought to own the land in Africa, and prefers not go in for contract farming, Mr Goel explained.In India, it has opted for the contract-farming model in Rajasthan, where its existing refinery is located, in an area of 5,000 hectares. In Meghalaya, however, IKF cultivates on its own land.Its refinery was commissioned in March this year. Currently, it is procuring jatropha seeds from the open market since it began farming the plants in Meghalaya roughly 12 months ago.


BioDiesel International News :
Africans used to think jatropha was a worthless bush. Now it may be an important new source of energy. JATROPHA CIRCAS IS THE CINDERELLA of the plant world. Throw a seed in the poorest soil on the planet, and up comes a bush that will likely last 50 years. During a drought, jatropha bushes simply drop their leaves and keep pumping out seedpods. Live – stock won’t eat it, pests don’t appear to like it. For longer than anybody can remember, Africans used it as living fences meant to keep back the encroaching Sahara and Kalahari deserts. It wasn’t good for much else.Now this humble bush appears poised to become a global star. In recent years studies have shown that jatropha oil burns one fifth the carbon emission of fossil fuels, making Africa’s hardscrabble ground a potentially fertile source of energy. Scientists estimate that if even a quarter of the continent’s arable land were plowed into jatropha plantations, output would surpass 20 million barrels a day. That would be good news for Europe, where the thirst for biodiesel is growing. The European Union has decreed that consumers will use 5.75 percent biodiesel in motor vehicles by 2010 and 20 percent by 2020, which means that Europe has to come up with a 10.5 billion-litre supply of biodiesel in the next four years. With maize prices going through the roof, scientists are experimenting with alternative nonfood crops in the lab; so far, jatropha is the only one ready for commercialization.


company’s own calculations


13.76 10% UCsomething cooking up..promoters going to shoot up in limelight of bio-fuel forumsJune 23, 2007 04:10 ISTLast Updated: June 23, 2007 10:38 ISTMarket sources say Nemish Shah, who spotted multi-baggers Sesa Goa [Get Quote] and Infosys [Get Quote] when everyone was looking the other way in the early 1990s, is also making quiet moves in biofuel companies in India, both listed and unlisted. Sources say little known IKF Technologies [Get Quote], which is entering bio-fuel production in a big way, has come on his investment radar.A listed company, IKF Tech recently sought government leases for a total of 150,000 hectares of land in Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa to cultivate jatropha to produce biofuel.

12/15/07, Indian and British companies are racing to buy up or lease enormous swaths of African land for jatropha plantations. U.K.-based D1 Oils has bought 20,000 hectares in Malawi and 15,000 hectares in Zambia. India’s IKF Tech has requested government leases for a total of 150,000 hectares of land in Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa. Worldwide Bio Refineries, a U.K. firm, has 40,000 hectares set aside for production in Nigeria, with planting to begin in May. A biofuel conference in Cape Town last month drew 200 attendants, prompting one …

Jan 2
today 19.95 locked up 5%expecting rs 25 as 1st tgt … no news out yet but something probably is going to come soon.then hold it for long term


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10 Tips to Optimize You Blog Posts for Higher Search Engine Rankings

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You should not care much about optimization and all if you are working on your personal blog and have no intention of getting search engine traffic or business off it. But what you will do if you are working on your blog with the intention of getting lots of search engine traffic and thus more business for you. If you are facing the similar kind of situation, I’m going to share my thoughts on how you can go about optimizing your blog posts to get maximum exposure, rankings and traffic from search engines.

For further reading click here

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Sales Copy and Content – Understanding the Basics of Effective Internet Marketing

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Apart from a great design and a handful of widgets, what would you consider most important for your blog or say, site? I think most of us would agree with the content part. Undoubtedly, it all comes to your content. Content does everything for your site. Be it conveying information or marketing your products or services, you cannot just let it go. You have to build each and everything around your content. And this is so very important for the online businesses who have everything to depend upon their sales copy. A great content and a copy, both are needed to boost your online marketing efforts.

Again there are some who find it really difficult to differentiate between both – Sales Copy and Content. Both may look same but however there are some fundamental differences underlying their objectives and how they ‘influence’ readers. Talking about those differences, let us know more about it. These differences will certainly help you understanding these two vital forms of marketing and let you in a much better position to correctly chose either any of them if at anytime later.

So, what are the basic differences between both – A Sales Copy and A Content ? Let’s see it below…

Sales Copy

  • More aggressive form of communication
  • Focused on persuading or influencing readers to make a decision over specific product being offered or sold.
  • Is mostly biased with details being shared about any product or service.
  • The biggest motive behind any sales copy is get an immediate response mostly in the form of purchase or order enquiry. A sales copy needs to be compelling enough to trigger such action.
  • A sales copy is not meant for the betterment of mankind. In fact, it is actually meant to benefit the promoter with another sale.
  • A sales copy is based on a hype. For any sales copy to be successful, it has to be created around a hype as it makes reader recognize the product’s benefits and features in advance.
  • As against sales copy, content is more passive form of communication.
  • Mostly developed with a motive to attract people on the subject being written.
  • Is mainly concerned with increasing the knowledge base of your readers or simply entertain. At times, it can be thought provoking too.
  • Is generally purposeful for readers to serve them in a way that appeals to them.
  • Content is developed with a motive to gain trust in the long run by continually supplying free and useful information. Thus it eventually makes author gain more credibility and become more trusted source in the eyes of those who view the content.
  • It has to be developed with maximum accuracy. Only then we can term it as a “Quality Content” This finally leads in overall better promotion of products and services.
So, here we go again. We can see how both sales copy and content compliment each other. The basic difference only lies in the fact that you need a high quality content to attract readers and then you need to follow it up with a sales copy to help influence them into making a purchase. Both serve different functions but in the end, both of them are focused on effective marketing on the Internet. One needs to have a fuller understanding of these two vital components before getting ahead with the marketing campaigns over web.

For more on internet marketing visit:

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